Sunday, November 8, 2009

Frame craziness and the holiday frenzy

I don't know if it's the economy, or if people are just tired of the same gifts every year, but I've gotten a ton of custom frame orders over the last few days. Honestly, I just think it's the latter. People just love unique and personal gifts, and the fact that my frames are so affordable helps too, i think! One project includes 9 holiday frames as gifts, and another project has me designing 5 frames for grandparents! It's exciting to think that my studio will be a mini-war zone, full of paint, brushes, paper, and of course clippie-making on top of that.

Buying supplies today at my favorite craft store was an adventure, and not a good one. Lines wrapped around the aisles and everyone seem to be in a frenzy getting ready of the holidays. Stores are preparing for Christmas sooner than ever, completely bypassing Thanksgiving, and shoppers are falling for it. I guess Thanksgiving is not as profitable as Christmas. I found myself falling for it too, buying ornaments, mini trees, and gift wrap galore! I'm suddenly TOTALLY in the holiday spirit, can't wait to get started on decorating!

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