Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We've Been Reviewed- AND YOU CAN WIN!

We're always excited when we here great things about our products. It definitely helps us grow in the right direction! Our products were recently reviewed by Mamajoss at myIrishTwins.com and we're happy to work with her to offer our fans a chance to win a set of our marvelous clippies! Go to myIrishTwins.com and read her review. Then, simply follow directions on how to enter! But act fast, the giveaway ends FRIDAY, JUNE 19th @ NOON! Thank you so much Mamajoss! 

Mamajoss's beautiful little girl sporting one of our clippies!


CDS said...

you are too talented for your own good!! xoxo

nadia said...

Why thank you, my dear! I return that sentiment for you as well!