Friday, May 15, 2009

Two Custom Orders!

As we prepare to release our summer items later this month, I had a chance to create this beautifully simple photo frame for someone who wanted to give a photo of her parents with their long-time friend as a gift. She basically gave me free reign to design something appropriate. I wanted to capture a little of the dominant colors, and keep the frame free of design clutter. This is the final result:
This is a 2" beveled wood frame with a 5x7" opening, ready for hanging.

I also designed a one-of-a-kind wall art piece for a personal friend. She wanted to give her mother a nice plaque with her daughter's hand print for Mother's Day. Although little Chloe was a little fidgety, the end result was as cute as can be, imperfections and all!
This is a 7"x7" beveled wood plaque, hand painted and custom designed, ready for hanging with your choice of ribbon. (Excuse the photo quality. Digital camera was on the fritz so we took the pics using our Google Phone).
We are open to all kinds of custom orders, so visit our shop and contact us!

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