Monday, March 16, 2009

Custom Bow Order

This weekend, a client asked me for some very specific custom bows for her beautiful daughter who is 5, and has long, flowing dark brown hair. I have made several giant bows for her in the past, and this time, I decided to post a few pics of the results. I will not offer these in my shop just yet, but if you would like any of these designs for yourself, please email (top left-hand column) me or visit my etsy store and send me a convo!

This is a beautiful 4.5" white bow layered with a 4" hot pink bow. The center is an approx. 1.5" Hello Kitty embellishment, and the bow is mounted on a 2.25" french barrette. Bows are hand-sewn.

This is a 5.5" white grosgrain bow layered with 3/8" beige and denim grosgrain ribbon. Bow is Hand-sewn and mounted on a 2.25" french barrette.

This is a 4" loopy, layered bow in shades of purple (pleaqse excuse the quality of the photo, it was taken using a Google Phone and makes the purples look blue). All hand-sewn with suede flower and rhinestone center. Mounted on a 2.5" french barrette.