Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Children's Product Safety Improvement Act and how it affects you and me

Although I'm all for safety, the wording in this soon-to-be-law will shut down small business that focus on US-made and other non-toxic children's products (not just toys, but ALL children's products, like mine), because ALL retailers, as well as the mftrs. will have to have 3rd-party testing for lead levels....which means that not only will we lose quality products, regardless of where they're made, but resellers like Goodwill and the Salvation Army will also have to do testing, which costs $$$$$. This could very well put a lot of people out of business...and in this economy, many small businesses rely on their small profit to get by. Those who do the testing, will also have to raise prices to compensate. Which means paying more for toys and kids' products, and we all know we barely have enough $$ to buy the toys that are already on the shelves.

Get more info on the CPSIA here:

And a great news segment at an NBC affiliate in Nashville

Should this law go into affect as is, I will have to cease operations on etsy by February. Although things are looking up. the US Conumer Product Safety Commission is now opening it's doors to comments about the legislation. I'll keep you posted as news becomes available.

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